Writing is something that I have always been passionate about. Whether it’s a short story, an argumentative essay or just a Facebook status I always do my best to put into words what is going on in my head. Writing is a great way to keep track of your life in an otherwise crazy world. It is easy to forget that the majority of us carry handheld devices which can access any piece of information in the world. As I get progressively more caught up in my day to day life (especially preparing for an overseas move) I find myself longing for expression and a break to write. Jotted notes, coffee stains on dreamt up song lyrics and pulling paper from my jean pockets after they’ve gone through the wash have all become commonplace for me.

I have begun this blog in the hope of not only sharing my experiences, but connecting with travellers and writers around the globe. Whatever your passion is, I am interested. There is nothing more satisfying and heartwarming than seeing a person’s eyes light up as they talk about their most favourite things.

Travel is something that I, like most people, have been very passionate about for a long time. Ever since my first overseas trip at the age of 10 I have had what most Instagram users would call ‘wanderlust’. I find myself getting goosebumps just looking at photos of far away lands and the people living in them. This year (2017) I am taking the plunge and moving overseas. I will be moving from my hometown of Brisbane, Australia to New York and then on to Ottawa in Canada. With this blog I hope to shed some light on the processes, the ups and downs, the many people I meet, the places I see and of course express the thoughts that eternally swirl around my mind.

I would hope that anybody who reads this blog can take away even a sliver of information that may help them in the future whether they decide to travel or not. Despite the title, I do intend to write about more than just travel, I intend to write about life. Life is different for everybody, and it is these different journey’s that make us who we are. I look forward to this next journey, and bringing this blog with me.




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