The City of Angels is famous for its stars, movie sets and the chance of spotting your favourite celebrity. The city is filled with recognisable filming locations, remnants of Hollywood’s golden years and millions of people searching for their big break. Despite not being a major drawcard, the food in Los Angeles is superb; particularly if you know where to go! Fresh, affordable and tasty are all great words to describe the deliciousness available around this beautiful city. Continue reading to find out my 10 favourite food spots around town!

10. Chick-Fil-A – Multiple Locations – $




This one probably shouldn’t be on a Los Angeles specific list as Chick-Fil-A is available all around the country, but it is just so damn good! The combination of a sweet bun, perfectly seasoned chicken and crisp pickles makes it one of the greatest chicken sandwiches (don’t call it a burger) on the planet! Chick-Fil-A have several locations through LA including Hollywood, just one block down from the Walk of Fame. If you are a chicken fan or want to be, then Chick-Fil-A is a must!

9. The Counter – Multiple Locations – $$


I only recently discovered The Counter and I am kicking myself for not knowing about them earlier! Again, The Counter is not solely a Los Angeles establishment but most of their restaurants are in California. The concept is simple, create the burger of your dreams and have it appear at your table minutes later. The Counter use a simple ordering method; you are given a piece of paper with boxes to tick for your protein, sauces, condiments, extras and sides. The combinations seem endless and you are guaranteed to be able to build a burger that you like. They also have a full a la carte menu of existing burgers and an extensive drinks list, personally I got a classic root beer float with the most incredible vanilla bean ice cream. One of the most underrated and best burger spots in town.

8. Hollywood Pies – 6116 1/2 W Pico Blvd , Los Angeles – $$

hollywood pies

Hollywood Pies began as somewhat of an enigma in LA’s foodie circles. Originally, you would order via phone and then meet at a random street to have your pizza handed into the car. Hollywood Pies now have their own spot right on West Pico where they serve up delicious Chicago style deep dish pizzas! It is not often you find a decent deep dish outside of Chicago but Hollywood Pies puts you right in the Windy City with a blend of rich tomatoes, perfectly melted cheese and a variety of topping choices all held inside a ridiculously deep edge. The crust is biscuit-like and reminded me almost of a cheesecake base. The pizzas do take about 45 minutes to cook so make sure you plan ahead, but if you’re on the West Coast and dreaming of Chicago pizza then look no further.

7. Curry House CoCo Ichibanya – Multiple Locations – $$


California has somewhat of an affinity with Japan, and rightly so. The flavours and foods of Japan can be seen all around the city with sushi and ramen becoming extremely popular with the locals. Curry House CoCo Ichibanya is the perfect place to experience a fantastic Japanese dish in a Japanese style eatery. The curry is perfectly flavoured and there are so many topping options you will almost be overwhelmed! If you’re getting tired of cheese, bacon and buns then head to your nearest CoCo Ichibanya for an exotic fix.

6. Gobi Mongolian BBQ – 2827 W Sunset Blvd, Silver Lake – $$


The first time I ever came to LA my Dad and I stumbled upon a Mongolian BBQ experience that we had never seen or heard of before. Unfortunately, the BBQ that we originally went to has since closed down but on my most recent trip I managed to find a suitable (potentially better) replacement! As with most Mongolian BBQ restaurants you create your own noodle bowl with a huge buffet selection of ingredients. Vegetables, meats, extras and sauces are all kept fresh and full at Gobi for you to create any noodle dish imaginable before it is cooked right in front of you on their giant flat grill by a BBQ master. There is an all-you-can-eat deal on most nights which is perfect if you’re feeling extra hungry, although one plate would fill most people easily.

5. In N Out Burger – Multiple Locations – $


I almost didn’t include In N Out on this list due to my assumption that its a given for anybody travelling to California, but here we are. In N Out is the quintessential US burger experience; no frills, excellent quality, cooked fresh and very well priced. You’ll find most restaurants with a line up to or out of the door at any given hour, but the production speed is insane bordering on inhuman. The not so ‘secret’ menu is great to change up your order with change-ups like: the Neapolitan shake, animal style burger/fries, protein style burger, chopped chillies and grilled mustard. If you come to LA and don’t go to In N Out burger you may as well have never made it out of LAX.

4. Pink’s Hotdogs – 709 N La Brea Ave , Los Angeles – $


If In N Out is the California burger experience, then Pink’s is the one hot dog you need to try! The original stand on La Brea has been there since 1939 pumping out hot dogs to 100’s of happy customers a day. The standard chilli dog with mustard and onions is unbeatable and possesses the characteristic Pink’s “snap” from the first bite to the last. The menu is huge and every single dog on there looks and sounds great. Take a seat inside to see walls full of all the stars who have dined at and enjoyed Pink’s. They have a convenient new location at Universal City Walk which is the perfect spot to hit after a long day enjoying the adjacent theme park.

3. Fat Sal’s – 1300 N Highland Ave , Los Angeles – $$


Fat Sal’s gained extra notoriety for their food challenge which was featured on several television shows, notably ‘Man Vs Food’. But their menu is fantastic outside of the food challenge and their ‘Fat Sandwiches’ are so packed full you can barely get your chops around them! Personally I get the Fat Jerry which has ribeye steak, grilled onions, American cheese, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, bacon, fried egg, fries, mayo, ketchup and seasoning… yes all of that is on ONE sandwich, it is incredible! Their extensive menu has something for everybody and the quality of the food is great, another must do on your next LA trip.

2. Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles – 1514 N Gower St , Hollywood – $$


Roscoe’s is famous around the world for their amazing fried chicken and their secret recipe waffles. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner are all great times to try Roscoe’s; in fact there is never a bad time! (Except when they’re closed) – There are lots of great menu options and you don’t have to get chicken or waffles, but make sure you try the Mac n Cheese! The food comes quickly and the old style service makes you feel right at home as you tuck in, the bottomless drinks don’t hurt either. One of the old faithfuls of the LA food scene, there is no way you can come to LA and not make time for a meal at Roscoe’s!

1. Phillipe The Original – 1001 N Alameda St , Los Angeles – $

philippes menu med res-3

Phillipe’s has been in their LA spot for over 100 years and it is easy to see why they have managed to stay in business all this time. You’ll notice the straw strewn floors as soon as you walk in but the chalk menu and counter ladies quickly draw your attention as you decide on your order. Your order is going to involve a French dipped sandwich and you are going to fall in love with it; there is no escaping that. The counter is filled end to end with pies, salads and meats ready for your choosing while your sandwich is dipped once, twice or however you like it. The perfect accompaniment to the amazing sandwiches are the individual glasses of homemade lemonade which I have never been able to find an equal to. If you were only in LA for one day and you wanted to try the BEST meal in the city, Phillipe’s is the place!




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